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Attacus atlas” and “Closer” – forthcoming Twelve Mile Review

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Cyanistes caeruleus” – Third Wednesday, January 21st, 2023, forthcoming in the Spring 2023 print issue

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“Letter: Cases are on the rise, we are entering winter and we need a plan from ISU” by Caroliena Cabada, Vivian Cook, Dhruv Raturi, and Kelsey Zimmerman, Iowa State Daily, 22 Nov 2020

“Iowa State falls short on COVID-19 protections and pledges, graduate students say” by Julia Bilek, Caroliena Cabada, Vivian Cook, Kelsey Zimmerman, and Zachary Calhoun, Des Moines Register, 19 Oct 2020

Published by Caroliena Cabada

Caroliena Cabada is a writer currently based in Lincoln, Nebraska. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing and Environment from Iowa State University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing, Fiction, from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her writing has been published in online and print journals and anthologies, and has been selected for Best Small Fictions 2021.