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As a young woman born in the early 90’s and solidly in the Millennial generation, online communities and social media have shaped my personal and professional lives. Many of my favorite memories from high school, college, and my early adulthood have been made on the internet, whether it’s coming across an indie music artist’s album or reading fan fiction from my favorite fan authors. As a Social Media Editor, I am passionate about what these digital spaces can create and strive to use these platforms to elevate good causes, encourage discussion and make the world a better place.

Save The Food is a public service campaign created by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Ad Council. Based on NRDC’s landmark 2013 report on the environmental impact of wasted food, combines striking statistics and practical tips to help Americans end food waste.

As a Social Media Editor for the NRDC from July 2016 through July 2018, I managed the Save The Food social media channels and created engaging content that generated discussion and knowledge sharing among the Save the Food community members.

Check out Save The Food on Twitter at @SaveTheFood, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.


NRDC’s Food and Sustainable Agriculture program engages in areas that affect the entire global food system, from promoting healthy soils on farms to raising awareness on issues surrounding irresponsible antibiotic use on industrial meat and poultry operations. As a Social Media Editor from July 2016 through July 2018, I helped grow the NRDC Food team’s audience on Facebook and Twitter by posting regular, conversation-starting content and responding to questions around NRDC’s sustainable food work.

Check out NRDC Food on Twitter @NRDCFood and on Facebook.